Visiting alternative countries can offer you a mind increasing expertise while not the negative facet effects of prescription drugs More seriously, travel may be actually academic and perspective widening. we tend to all carry on this massive planet; however, we do not all live together; and, we do not all suppose alike. we’ve several things in common; however, there are stark variations. simply from the human perspective alone, visiting alternative places and experiencing however others move their day to day lives will offer New lenses with that to envision identical previous human issues Exposure to totally different cultures Tastes of various cuisines The opportunity to find out concerning another’s history Glimpses of a unique inventive tradition Natural wonders (not all told nations, of course) Future business opportunities ; several businesspersons became terribly loaded by commerce product found in one country to customers in another, or a type of arbitrage You also asked for disadvantages. Some individuals discover they very do not relish travelling. International travel forces the someone into new and altered surroundings. Some individuals very don’t like modification. we tend to all understand people WHO are very versatile within the ways that during which they have interaction with the planet. And, we tend to additionally understand people WHO are very controlled and structured in their lives. they will on the Q.T. want to expertise the world; however, they will be terribly uncomfortable having to vary their daily routines, if just for the length of a brief trip. If you’re one whose day should proceed with great care and if you discover yourself lacking in journey once it involves intake new foods or seeing new places, international travel is also AN unpleasant expertise. you’ll end up judgement the individuals you see and perpetually comparison what you expertise to your comfy ways that back home. Having aforesaid this, even the foremost versatile US country|North American nation} someone can relish the style of AN authentic American hamburger or hot dog once being away for a few time–even if these are not his or her favourite foods. different cultures You get to experiences totally different cultures. you furthermore might will see however your culture may have an effect on those wherever you’re visiting. Some issue that by attending to a Japanese Restaurant they’re exposing their youngsters to a replacement culture. They are, but there’s most additional and by visiting a rustic you get to be immersed in it and feel and live it. Its an exquisite issue and that i suppose all ought to strive it. though its only for per week here and there in several places. Its additionally one thing that basically helps youngsters explore interests moreover as motivates them to scan and check out new things. It will facilitate them feel adventurous whereas still being safe and at identical time resolve that learning and fun will go hand in hand. Hope this helps you out.