Lakshadweep Islands covering just the Arabian Sea, is the smallest Union Territory of India.The Lakshadweep archipelago consists of a string of 36 main islands (only 10 islands are inhabited), many smaller islands,  coral reefs and coral atolls that stretch to the turquoise Arabian sea, 300 KM off the coast of Kerala.These coral reefs give the place a unique colour and beauty. Lakshadweep is known for its lush green landscape, lovely beaches, incredible marine life, soft silvery beaches and water sports.The mysterious palm-covered white-sandy beaches of Lakshadweep  are surrounded by 4200 sq km of lagoon rich in marine wealth making it undoubtedly one of the most spectacular marine ecosystems in the entire world. These islands are very picturesque With a climate that doesn’t usually go beyond 35 degrees Celsius offer a true holiday destination for nature lovers. The administrative capital of Lakshadweep is Kavaratti.



Kavaratti is the focal point of Lakshadweep tourism and most developed island among all the islands of Lakshadweep. Kavaratti’s beautiful landscape is decorated with swaying coconut palms, virgin white sandy beaches and soothing lagoons.The beautiful secluded beaches of Kavaratti islands is an ideal spot for sun-bathing, swimming and lazing around. For those who love to stay closer with the tranquil nature, It’s the perfect tourist spot. The Kavaratti Lighthouse is one of the famous tourist attractions which offers amazing views of the sun set and is ideal for spending some relaxing time. The historical Ujire Mosque is a famous heritage site, constructed by Sheikh Mohammad Kasim. Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium has a rich collection of aquatic specimens. Swimming and  Watersports activities like banana boat ride, speed boat ride, water scooter ride, snorkelling and scuba diving can be enjoyed at the beaches.



A virtual gateway to Lakshadweep, located around 459 kms from Cochin , Agatti hosts one of the most stunning lagoons in Lakshadweep . It is 6 kms long and around 1000 mts wide. Agatti has abundant beautiful coral growths and multi color fishes that lure tourists. For water sports enthusiasts, the vast expanses of shallow lagoons surrounding Agatti offer an ideal setting. It is one of the most popular places in India for scuba diving and snorkeling. other water sports activities here are surfing, boarding, kayaking and speed boat rides. Sea excursions on glass-bottomed boats is another thrilling prospect here. One can spot a variety of rich marine life through the crystal-clear waters during boat ride.



Kalpeni, 287 kms from Cochin is famous for its scenic beauty and amazing beaches. it is the most picturesque and scenic region of all Lakshadweep islands. The waters are shallow with white sandy shores and are perfect destination to laze around cherishing the untouched beauty of nature. One can  swim or sunbathe in the waters or enjoy Watersports like scuba diving and snorkeling here. A huge lagoon encloses its small islets, namely Pitti, Tilakkam and Cheriyam. Its biggest attraction is the Coral debris scattered along the sides of southwestern and eastern shorelines. Here you can take up a reef walk, swim or snorkel.




Bangaram is one of the most visited islands in Lakshadweep, Known for its coral reefs. A tiny narrow strip of oval shaped island, Bangaram is bewitchingly beautiful and uninhabited island. Bangaram is also famous for its calm and clean beaches. Bangaram is ranked as one of the best gateways of the world. The sand, Sun, Surf, lavish plantations and coolness of swaying coconut palms cast mesmerizing spells on the visitors. Bangaram offers the tourists unpolluted environment, utmost privacy and loads of activities to do that attracts the honeymooners in large numbers and tourists from around the globe.



Blessed with some of the finest white sandy beaches, Minicoy is an isolated island at the southernmost point of the Lakshadweep islands. It is popular for its tradition of lava dance and important centre for tuna fishing. Devoid of tourist activities, the beaches here are ideal for spending quality time basking in the glorious sunshine and swimming. Minicoy is renowned for its beaches and a lighthouse that was constructed by the British soldiers in 1885. It is an important tourist attraction here with its tourist facilities and natural beauty. The views of the blue ocean with an elevation of 300 feet from top, are simply amazing.


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Located at a distance of 407 kms from Cochin, Kadmat island is a narrow strip of land with a length of around 8 KM and width of just 550 meters. Known as the ‘Adventure Capital of Lakshadweep’, this island has a large lagoon, abundant coral growth, pristine white sandy beaches, rich marine life, verdant greenery, amazing water sports facilities and other attractions. The amazing ambience of Kadmat is suitable for tourists of all kinds and has all the elements to satisfy their diversified needs. The Scuba diving Centre with all modern amenities is the main attraction for water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. With the riches of marine wealth in abundance and an underwater visibility of 30-50 meters, Kadmat has emerged as a popular diving centre. So at this lovely coral island you can be assured of an unparalleled sea diving experience.



Generally locations of hotels and resorts are very beautiful in Lakshadweep. Here rooms are designed in style and the basic services are sufficiently appreciable. One can choose categories that suits their budget and taste and amenities provided varies according to the category chosen by the travelers. There are tented stay and beautiful beach resorts available in several islands of Lakshadweep. The resorts of the Bangaram Island, Agatti Island and the Kadmat Island provide excellent accommodation for leisure travellers.

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There are regular flights between Agatti Island and Cochin in Kerala. Helicopters are also available from Agatti to Kavaratti through out the year.  Kerala has around two thousand railway stations, which connect places both outside and within Kerala. Ship cruises operate from Cochin to Agatti and back. All ships have air-cooled decks and air-conditioned cabins.