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Karnataka close to the Laccadive Sea and the Arabian Sea in the South-Western region of India, is popular for its rich culture and beautiful unpopulated beaches. Karnataka has been a significant place since the time of ancient southern kingdoms and has played a major role in shaping up the history of India.The state is famous for its cultural, natural and architectural heritage and there are many places one can visit in Karnataka.  Karnataka has a lot to offer and  rewarded with a memorable mix of nature, history, beach, and spirituality. Fragrance of the sandalwood, beauty of the roses and aroma of the fresh coffee beans presents nature at its best in Karnataka, an experience everyone must get indulged with.Karnataka is a land with diverse culture and geography and one of cleanest states in India. There are many beautiful places which caters to every kind of tourists, may it be a Nature lover or a History enthusiast.


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The 3rd most populated city in India and capital of Karnataka, Bangalore or Bengaluru is also known as the silicon valley of India because of being a major IT exporter in India. The town is known for its various attractions which include both historical and modern places to visit. Known as the Garden city, many people love Bangalore because it’s full of greenery, exotic art galleries, gigantic malls, well designed arcades, majestic palaces, forts and temples. Some of the major tourist destinations in Bangalore are Bull Temple, Honne Devi Temple, The Dharmaraja Temple, The Sangameswara Temple, Jumma Masjid, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Visvesvaraya Museum, Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh, Tippu’s Palace and Vidhan Soudha.


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Mysore, the former capital of Karnataka is a city of royal palaces, sandalwood and silk saris.This historical city is a major tourist destination in India. It is the second largest city in Karnataka and basis of Karnataka tourism. It served as the capital for the distinguished rulers like Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. The city is famous for its various temples, palaces, forts and old churches and is also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. The town is also famous for being the birth place of various styles of Indian arts and crafts. It is also known for its 10 day long celebration of Dasara which is the most important festival of Mysore. During Dasara, for a month Mysore palace is completely illuminated. A procession, that starts from the palace with band of colorfully decked elephants takes place on the last day of the festival.


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Hampi is a world heritage site and one of India’s top historical destinations, located within the ruins of Vijaynagar, which was the capital of the Vijaynagar Kingdom. The sites and most magnificent buildings  near the banks of the Tungabhadra River display the architectural brilliance of the Vijaynagar rulers. Hampi has some extremely captivating ruins, intermingled with large boulders spread all over the landscape. The ruins comprise more than 500 monuments and stretch for over 25 kilometers. It is a great place to visit and its various temples are heavily frequented by tourists and pilgrims. An incredible energy can be experienced at this ancient place.



The main attraction here in Shravanbelgola is the 59 feet and 8 inches tall statue of Sri Gomatheswara , the son of the Adinath, who is reckoned as the maiden Tirthankara. This stupendous granite embodiment was carved out of a single block of granite rock, making it the biggest monolithic stone statue in the world. Being positioned on top of a hill, it requires an energetic barefoot climb up more than 600 steps. Patients suffering from heart problems are advised to take adequate precautions before  climbing.The rituals and ceremonies conducted at the base of the statue are particularly interesting.

Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal

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While visiting Hampi, it’s worth taking a trip to the heritage sites of Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal. These places are rich in monuments, temples, and ruins of Chalukya empire that ruled there between the 4th to 8th centuries. Aihole and the village has around 125 stone temples, which unfortunately don’t get the deserved attention. Ravanaphadi Temple has been constructed from a single rock and bears a pair of ‘Mandapams’ along a heavenly Shivalinga. The Kontiguri group of temples has a trio of shrines, the Lad Khan temple, Huchiapayya math and Huchiappayyagudi temple. The Galaganatha group has around 30 temples to be precise, situated on the banks of the Malaprabha river.

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Badami is famous for its rock cut monuments and stone temples. With 4 sets of magnificent ancient rock-cut cave temples it is one of the top places to see caves in India.The city is significant historically and has been mentioned in the texts of Hindu mythology.  It is a marvelous place to visit due to its peculiar location which makes the place unique. It is located across the shores of the Agastya Lake.

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Pattadakal is smaller and perfect example of architectural genius. It’s impressive with only one temple complex. The primary influence of the Chalukiyan art clearly reflects from its various temples.


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Bijapur is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Karnataka. It was founded by the Chalukyas between the 10th and the 11th centuries and eventually came under the reign of the Delhi Sultanate and the Nizam of Hyderabad.The city is a cultural hub and known for its various historical monuments, temples and forts. Gol Gumbaz is the second largest dome in the entire planet and one of the most impressive structures in the world. The dome is 51 meters high and covers 18000 square feet of land. An intriguing feature of Gol Gumbaz is ‘Whispering Gallery’ where even whisper gets amplified to an unbelievable extent and can be heard in the opposite corner with crystal clarity. Jumma Masjid is regarded as one of the most veteran mosques to be built in India. The most alluring feature of the Jumma Masjid is the ‘Barah Cummon’ that glorifies the centre stage and used to host various celebrations. Ibrahim Roza being inspired by the Taj Mahal, serves to hold the corpses of Adil Shah II and his Queen. The structure is a marvel built on a single slab of rock. This enchanting grave is ornamented by corridors, various stone awnings, decorative windows and arches that are intricately designed.



On the banks of Yagachi river, around 25 kilometers southeast of Chikmagalu,  historic Belur has many temples belonging to the Hoysala Era. Belur  proudly displays the opulence with which the Hoysalas have dominated the religious as well as social aura of Karnataka. One such venue that reflects the adeptness and genius of the master builders of the Hoysalan era is the Chennakesava Temple.The entrance to the temple is beautifully ornamented following the Dravidian style of architecture and is regarded as ‘Gopuram’. The highlight being their intricate carvings, this is the best example of Hoysala architecture.


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Coorg is an alluring mountainous and extremely picturesque area on the slopes of the Western Ghats. It is famous for its pleasant climate and lush green surroundings. It is an important agricultural town in Karnataka and renowned for its plentiful coffee estates, paddy fields and stunning scenic beauty. The town of coorg is also famous for its number of various species of flora and fauna and natural wealth. The highlight of a visit here is a stay amid the coffee plantations. One of the top Buddhist monasteries, the magnificent Golden Temple is a must visit. The various temples and festivals attract a huge number of tourists to Coorg.


Coast between Gokarna and Karwar, Karnataka, India

Gokarna is a small and remote holy town in the northern part of Karnataka, known for some of the most beautiful beaches and temples in India. It is a popular destination for pilgrims and holiday makers looking for some tranquil beach experience.The prime pilgrim spot in this town is the Shiva temple of Mahabaleshwara and houses what is believed to be the original image of lord Shiva’s lingam. It is believed to be the place where after a long penance in the underworld lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow. Gokarna has 4 beaches and its clean and unpopulated beaches are amazing. They are  tranquil and usually quiet since very few people know about the beauty of these beaches. The beach is lined with palm trees, sea is blue, sand is clean, together they make a stay here extremely fruitful.


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Chitradurga is a picturesque, ancient little town in Karnataka. The district is hilly, with lots of forts, deep caves, hillocks and villages. Apart from the magnificent landscape, this place is famous for a beautiful fortress called Kallina Kote, Chandravalli caves and Ankali Matt.The well-maintained ruins of sprawling Chitradurga Fort are a hidden, lesser-known gem on the way to Hampi, in the heart of the Deccan Plateau northwest of Bangalore. The fort was built in parts by the Palegar Veer Madakari Nayaka. It comprises a series of seven circular walls, 2,000 watchtowers, 19 gateways, 35 secret entrances, four invisible passages,18 temples in the upper fort, and a huge temple in the lower fort.  It is an ancient archaeological situated near a big lake, where water sports are arranged on occasions.

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Since Karnataka is popular for its various tourist places, so many hotels have emerged here. Be it a five star hotel or a budget hotel in Karnataka, you would get the best of facilities, amenities and accommodation in  hotels. The visitors also have the scope to choose from a wide range of Hotels. The hotels here are designed to suit the test and budget of all classes of people.



Karnataka is well connected to the other parts of India and world through air network. It is linked with all the important places in India through Bangalore Airport. There is a good network of railways. Bus services and other transports helps in travelling between the cities and towns.

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