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Carved out of the southern part of Bihar, Jharkhand is the state in the East India. The capital of Jharkhand is Ranchi. Jharkhand means The Land of Forests, is heaven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This state is renowned for its industries also. The unparalleled beauty of the state with majestic hills, colorful culture, rich greenery and scenic waterfalls makes your journey memorable. The land preserves nature at its best, thanks to the dominant tribal population. If you are looking for a rendezvous with nature, it is the perfect destination. The abundant natural beauty of Jharkhand with many attractions such as museums, holy shrines and wildlife sanctuaries, together contribute towards Jharkhand tourism. The territory of Jharkhand possesses a wide range of tourist’s sites that attracts tourists from the different parts of the world.


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Ranchi, the City of Waterfalls and capital of Jharkhand, offers you the most mesmerizing views of waterfalls. Blessed with serene mountains, the best of nature and hills swamped with heavenly waterfalls, it captivates your soul. Ranchi offer  its tourists the best sojourn to be cherished for lifetime. It is also called as the Manchester of the East because it is so rich in mineral resources. Ranchi Hill standing at a height of 2140 feet, surrounded by serene beauty and greenery all around is one of the finest tourist destinations in Jharkhand. The hill top offers a breath taking view of the Ranchi city. Another attraction here is the sacred temple of Lord Shiva. An artificial lake known as Ranchi Lake is also found on the Ranchi Hill.  Boating facilities are provided here. Popular Attractions in Ranchi are Hundru Falls, Kanke Dam, Dassam Falls, Paanch Gagh Falls, Ranchi Lake, Sun Temple, Deer Park, Birsa Zoological Park, Jonha Falls,  Jagannath Temple, Nakshatra Van, Rock Garden and  Pahari Mandir.


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Jamshedpur also known as ‘the Steel City of India’ is the largest city in Jharkhand and is home to India’s first iron and steel company Tata Steel. Jamshedpur was founded by Jamsedji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group and a great Industrialist. This well-planned city is surrounded by rich greenery and has several tourist attractions that offer a memorable experience to the tourists, especially nature lovers. Inspite of many industries flourishing here the city has rich greenery and is environment friendly. Popular Attractions in Jamshedpur are Jayanti Sarovar, Jubilee Lake, Dalma Hills, Jubilee Park,Tata Steel Zoological Park, Tribal Culture Centre, Hudco Lake and Bhuvneshwari Temple.


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Netarhat, Queen of Chotanagpur is at a height of 1,128 meters above sea level about 144 kilometers from Ranchi. Netarhat is sited on the Chota Nagpur Plateau and is very comfortably accessible from any distant nook of India. The forest covered hill station is the coolest place of Jharkhand. The major assets of Netarhat are the exotic views of sunrise and sunset, that are very beautiful and enchanting. The tranquil surroundings and scenic landscapes has been drawing the attention of many eco-tourists as well as eager holiday-makers for many years. A combination of picturesque beauty and comfortable weather during summer is the reason that this place is frequented by a large number of tourists from nearby cities and town. Popular Attractions of Netrahat are Koel View Point, Netarhat Hills,  Mangolia Sunset Point, Sadni Falls, Lower Ghaghri Falls and Upper Ghaghri Falls.



Dhanbad is Coal Capital of India and primarily a mining town. It is popular world over for its rich coalfields and industrial establishments. It falls in the category of new and fastest growing cities and is growing in popularity as a Jharkhand tourism destination. It offers an opportunity to tourists to explore the distinctive beauty of the state. Surrounded by lush green forests and picturesque valleys, Dhanbad offers views of refreshing lakes, great dams, temples and picturesque valleys. Lots of people visit Dhanbad to pay a visit to Dalmi, where the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, and Nandi are placed. The city has several Jain and Buddhist sites too that gives tourists a more enlightening vacation experience. Popular Attractions in Dhanbad are Dalmi, Jain temples and Buddhist sites.


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Bokaro is the best places to visit in Jharkhand and renowned for its steel and coal industries and metropolitan lifestyle. The city is blessed with so many natural sites and tourist attractions for devotees, nature lovers and travelers. The comfortable and pleasant weather and exquisite surroundings here makes it even a better place for vacations. Popular Attractions in Bokaro are  Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park, Bokaro Steel City, Garga Dam, City Park,Gayatri Mandir, Chas, Kali Mandir, Siwandih, Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya, Jagannath Temple, Noori Masjid and Aaiyappa Mandir.


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Palamu is a wonderful holiday destination with rich cultural background not very far from Ranchi, inviting tourists from all over the country. It houses a a national park and a wildlife sanctuary and offers a great opportunity to the wildlife lovers, nature lovers, trekkers and help them explore the beautiful surroundings of the city. Palamu has a rich cultural background, which leads to the popularity of the city amid admirers of Indian culture and historians. Popular Attractions in Palamu are Palamu Wildlife Sanctuary, Betla National Park and River Koel.


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Sahibganj is a lovely place, ideal for family vacation during Jharkhand tour mostly preferred for photography, sightseeing and trekking. The exquisite surroundings and pleasant weather of this picturesque city makes it a perfect place, which can be visited in any season. Tourists from distant cities visit Sahibganj to explore a few ancient sites and enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding the city. Popular Attractions in Sahibganj are Mary’s Church, Bhagwa Kuan, Shukravasini Temple, Rajmahal, Mangalhat, Moti Waterfall, Shivgadi Temple,Teliagarhi Fort, Binduvasini Temple and Raksisthan Temple.


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Giridih also known as the Land of Hills and The land of Jain Pilgrims was once a part of Hazaribagh and came into existence in 1972. It is popular for its verdant hills that are covered with lush green forests and mining towns.There are Mahua, Palash, Semal and Bamboo trees all over the city.There are several Jain buildings and temples that makes it a desirable destination amid pilgrims and nature lovers. Bountiful valleys, temples, charming hills and dams in Giridih contribute in the tourism in Jharkhand. Popular Attractions  in Giridih are Surya Temple, Jharkhand Dam, Parashnath Hills, Madhuvan, Usri Fall, Langta Baba Khandoli Park, Samadhi Sthal, Harihar Dham and Devari Temple.


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Deoghar, the ancient town is known as the City of Temples, is famous pilgrim spot in Jharkhand. This ancient town has many temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva and  are located in scenic environment. Deoghar promises its tourists a joyous holidays, thanks to its distinctive beauty, tranquil surroundings and abundant natural beauty. Tourists from far across the country visit this place in large number in search of peace and serenity. Popular for its ancient temples like Baba Baidyanath, which is one of 12 ‘Jyotirlingas’ in India, tis place promises a divine sojourn to people. Popular Attractions in Deoghar are Harila Jori, Jaisar Children’s Park, Basukinath, Trikuta Hills, Kundeshwari, Ajgaibinath, Rikhia Yogashram, Shivganga, Nandan Pahar, Satsanga Ashram, Kathikund and Hathi Paha.


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This picturesque holiday destination is a land of flora and fauna situated at an altitude of 2019 feet, well known for its health resort. Thanks to its great hills, abundant greenery and lovely weather which largely contributes to the wildlife tourism in Jharkhand. There are several temples, hills, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries that offer a memorable experience to the visitors. Popular Attractions in Hazaribagh are Canary Hills, Kinar Dam, Hazaribagh National Park, Suryakund, Isko Village, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Urwan Tourist Complex and Rajarappa Temple.

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Jharkhand is a city that offers scores of hotels  falling in every category luxury hotels, cheap hotels and boutique hotels.The hotels of Jharkhand are known to cater to every kind of travelling need. Because the city of Jharkhand has many attractions, the hotels of this city are brim with multiple facilities and amenities. Jharkhand also has some hotels that are famous to captivate even the most discerning travelers.

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Ranchi Airport is the main airport that is well connected with Patna, New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai by regular flights.  Hazaribagh and Ranchi Railway Station are the main railway stations. Several express trains connect Hazaribagh and Ranchi with Kolkata, Rourkela, Patna, New Delhi and other significant places of India. Ranchi  is situated at the junction of National Highways 23 and 33. A largre network of roads connects different places of Jharkhand with one another and rest of the country.

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