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Daman and Diu on the west coast of India near Gujarat, is the second smallest union territory of India. Diu is an islet in the south of Kathiawar peninsula and Daman lies on the Gujarat coast. It is bounded on its west by the Arabian Sea, on its east by the Gujarat state and on its north and south by Bhagwan and the Kalem Rivers.These islands were under the control of the Portuguese for around 450 years. The large forts, glorious cathedrals, and other spectacular monuments of Daman & Diu exude the subtle old world charm of its colonial era. Daman & Diu experiences a nice climate all over the year. Daman & Diu is endowed with cool breeze in summer from the Arabian Sea. Starting October to culminating May is the good time to go to this wonderland.

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Daman & Diu is popular for its unmatched serenity and untouched natural beauty . The white sandy secluded beaches are quite tantalising and offer several opportunities for water sports. Due to its scenic location and serene surroundings, favorable climate, Daman & Diu is the most famous weekend gateway for adventurers and nature lovers. Guests to fascinating lands of Daman & Diu get opportunities to visit several tourist attractions in Daman & Diu. Tourist attractions in Daman & Diu are consisted of colonial forts, noted churches and picturesque sun-bathed beaches. Besides this there is a rich culture and heritage of Daman & Diu that offers very lively festive days and active nightlife, another tourist attraction in Daman & Diu.

St. Jerome Fort

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A place not to miss while packing or travel round the lovely union territory of Daman is the Portuguese fort of St. Jerome. The fort is about 10 minute walk from the Nani Daman bus stand and found on the northern side of the Damanganag River.  The fort is named after one of the most revered priests of the Catholic Church, St. Jerome. The small fort with an enormous entrance facing the river with an oversized statue of St.Jerome and 2 big human figures, on either side of the entrance encloses an area of 12250 sq.m. The main attraction of this fort is the Church of Our Lady of the sea that is an exceptional example of Portuguese style architecture. A part of the church has now been converted into a school. The other thing to see in the fort premises which is almost as old as the fort is the Portuguese war cemetery. The view of the small fishing fleet that anchors alongside from the fort is fascinating. The fort was made to keep watch on the activities in the sea.

Diu Fort

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The Diu Fort, is the main attraction of Diu  on the west coast of India. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD by the Portuguese Governor Nuno De Cunha . The fort is a massive and spectacular structure on the coast of Diu island and commands a powerful view of the sea.The fort is encircled by sea on 3 sides. The main front wall of the fort has 5 windows with stone galleries. At one end of the fort, one will see an oversized light house and canons. The lighthouse that is in the premises of Diu Fort is known to be major landmarks of the district of Daman.  The lighthouse is a serene place to go to, particularly during the evening. The sunset view from the tower will certain take your breath away. Once the fort and the sea offer an incredible landscape, thus enhancing its beauty.

Jampore beach

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One of the most fascinating and alluring beaches of Daman and Diu, Jampore beach at the south of moti Daman is a popular picnic spot. It is a secluded beach, is known for its calm waters and ideal  for swimming through low tide one can simply go further into the sea. The environment of the beach is usually not crowded and comparatively quaint. The beach is ideal for a peaceful picnic along with your friends or family, in the soothing company of the nature. This beach can offer some fascinating pictures particularly during the sunset.

Zampa Gateway

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The Zampa Gateway  marks the doorway to the District of Diu, is a pretty constructed architectural gem and reflects the typical Portuguese style. The construction of Zampa Gateway was done in the medieval era that is pretty evident by its distinctive architecture. This gateway has huge historical significance and holds a vital place among the key sites of tourist attraction. Intricate and artistic styles adorn the walls and the gateway with exceptional carvings of priests, lions and angels. Right inside the gate lays a chapel that was designed around 1702 Ad and is another lovely and elaborately designed monument.  There is also an artificial waterfall at this place that would delight  you for sure.The site is a must visit for every tourist.

Devka beach

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Another wonderful beach in Daman, Devka beach is really popular among the tourists because it offers glorious recreation to the visitor.  Devka Beach is about three km north from Nani Daman. The atmosphere is serene and easy going. It is popular for amusement park, changing colors of sea, stones and shells and colorful fountains. During low-tide, one can walk into the sea and collect various stones and shells. The beach being rocky is not fit for water sports or swimming however if you wish to enjoy an evening with friends and stroll on the beach, it is the place for you. The main attractions of the beach are the musical fountain and amusement park which are amazing places to go. The beach is well suited for the guests of all age. The various food joints supply some really peppy and scintillating fast food. The beach shore boasts of its white sand and clean waters, that is ideal for various activities like taking a stroll and photography. It is the most popular beach in Daman among the tourists.

Gangeshwar Temple

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Gangeshwar Temple is at a distance of around three kilometres from Diu and is infused with a mystical aura around it. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the 3 main Hindu gods. There are five Shiva lingams situated amidst the rocks of the sea shore. As per the Hindu mythology, the 5 lingas here were established by the Pandavas during the stay of their 13th and last year of their exile. If the tide is high, you will see only the tip of those rocks, because the sea water tends to submerge them. The temple is carved out of a cave like formation and the breeze from the sea gives an intoxicating feel after you enter the temple. You will also have the possibility to relish the golden sunshine and the mesmerising twilight, especially when the sun sinks in the horizon.

Nagoa beach

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A perfectly semi-circle beach, with white sands, calm waters and trees lined on the shores, is one of the best beach you can visit here. Nagoa beach is found near the Bucharwada village. The beach is less crowded and boasts of its blue and crystal clear waters. You can enjoy swimming and a variety of water sports here. Be it a casual stroll, a simple nap under the palm trees or volleyball match with friends, the beach has an activity to supply to all the people who visit. This amazing and fascinating beach is relatively less crowded as compared to other beaches and is a recommended visit.

Mirasol Resort and Waterpark

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The Mirasol Resort and Waterpark is a man-made wonder in the artificially created lake surrounding the 2 islands connected by bridge. Various fascinating options  like mini train ride, machan like setting on tree tops, water slides, sumptuous food,video games, make it a favorite family tourist spot. The reflected lights and brightly lit up fountains during the night cast an incredible and magical spell on the tourist. The place has been the favourite for shooting of many a films owing to its panoramic surrounding, remarkable greenery and with well set gardens and coconut tree cover. Mirasol offers you non stop excitement with Boating and Waterpark. Enjoy Striking Car, Go-Carting, Jumper-Boat and other Thrilling Rides at Mirasol Water Park.

Naida Caves

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The Naida Caves are a pilgrim’s enjoyment. Situated outside the city of Diu, these holes are a system of slashed hollows and steps that ask to be discovered and explored.  A maze of holes, it’s one of the intriguing yet lesser identified attractions at Diu. A sunny day is all that you have to visit these holes. These caves are a system of passages with square cut steps assembled by the Portuguese, t. It’s a standout among the most pleasant underground mazes of outside buckles that one has run over years of travel.  A must visit place for all the adventure seekers.

Moti Daman Fort

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Exclusively built with 2 primary gateways and 10 bastions the large fort of Moti Daman, is protected by moat on landslide and connects river to the sea.  Inside this fort, an eye catching and attractive place is the Pargola garden, stands in memory of soldiers who lost their lives for liberation of Dadar and Nagar haveli. The main street inside the fort runs north – south and all along the inner wall there are barracks of defence personnel. The modern secretariat building standing opposite collectorate makes this fort a tourist attraction.

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Daman is connected to most of the cities in India through a powerful air network. Most of the airlines operate flights to Daman and Diu.The nearest airport Mumbai is 193 Kms away. All major airlines like Spice jet, Indigo Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Jetlite Airlines operate regular flights to and from Mumbai. Diu Airport is 5 km from the city, north of Nagoa Beach. There are regular flights to and from Mumbai. Daman and Diu doesn’t have its own railway station, the nearest railway stations are in Vapi and Veraval in Gujarat. It also have a well defined road network , and are 12 km from Vapi, 125 km from Surat, and 150 km from Mumbai. There are regular buses that ply from several cities in Gujarat to Daman and Diu.

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The place is well-equipped with a variety of tourist facilities and hotels. Staying in a hotel with a view of the sea is simply the best thing that would happen to you in Daman and Diu. Several luxurious hotels are situated facing the sea so that you can enjoy the waves and the sunrise and the sunset. Hotels in Daman and Diu come with the latest amenities and are available in various categories. You can get a hotel within your budget. There are several variety of resorts, cottages, home stays that are available here.

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