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Ladakh has continuously captivated guests with its delightful charm and wonder. Be it the picturesque mountain peaks, azure lakes or the difficult trekking trails, this scenic vale is known for all. Throughout the summers, the region adorns the foremost vivacious colour of the character, throughout the winters it’s embraced with snowfalls that cuts off the complete region from the rest of the planet.
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Zanskar valley lies to the south – west of Leh, encircled by mountain range and Zanskar ranges. The world remains inaccessible for nearly seven months within the year. All passes progress the winter and also the watercourse freeze on the surface. Zanskaris walk on it to succeed in the Indus in Nimoo (Chilling village), that is understood because the chadar (frozen blanket) Trek. “CHADAR” refers to the blanket or sheet because the Zanskar watercourse transforms itself from a speedy watercourse into a white blanket of ice throughout winter, a frozen spectacle awaits the traveller to be seasoned of glass ice starting from a chromatic tinge to golden yellow that’s seen throughout the few hours that daylight reaches directly into the gorge to the milky whitish on a moonlit night – as aforesaid a trek journey like no alternative.
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The “wildest trek” within the world, where temperatures typically goes to -30° in the dead of night and -10° to -15° throughout day. Popularly referred to as the ‘Chadar Trek’ attributable to the formation of the thick blanket of the snow, it’s one of the difficult and tough treks of the world. Close deep inside the whirly passages of the snow-covered mountains, this frozen watercourse entices thousand of trekkers from completely different corners of the planet. The puzzle of regularly shifting ice can take your breath away. There are no  treks on our planet to match the chadar winter expedition in terms of day to day challenge and excitement.
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One of the toughest and most audacious trek, the full distance of this tour (one way) is around one hundred and five kilometre and can be covered with average distance of fifteen to seventeen kilometre daily. The temperature remains minus fifteen to twenty throughout the day time and – twenty five to 35 throughout the night. once keeping all the facts in one’s mind bring your warmest Jackets and sleeping baggage and smart shoe. Most of the trek is completed on the ice however at some places we have to climb icy rocks or paths and in Zanskar itself we will practice the traditional trail employed by the people daily.
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Area: Zanskar (Ladakh)

Altitude: 3850 mts/12628 linear unit

Grade: Moderate to powerful
Duration: ten to eighteen days
Season: middle Jan to middle March
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